SONO Vinyl mastering continues on 30-year tradition of SONO recording studios, built on highest sound quality.

Our goal is the best possible sounding record with protecting artist intentions at the same time.

Mechanical recording of sound is not necessarily the best in terms of quality, but it has its specifics why it is pleasant for the audience. Therefore, we use the best available professional equipment, often even modified to serve the purpose in the best way.

The heart of our cutting process is modified Neumann VMS 70 cutting machine. It is driven by modified Ortofon GO 741 amplifiers, Neumann SP79 mastering console and other top of the line equipment which you can find in the equipment tab.

Important part of the whole process is also the control room, where mastering and cutting is done.
The control room has exceptional acoustics, is soundproofed from external environment, air-conditioned and dust free. All these things allows the cutting engineers to do an excellent job.

  • Cutting lathe Neumann VMS70, equipped for cutting acetate as well as vinyl with automatic for cutting all speeds and records diameter, including half- speed

  • cutting head Neumann SX74 a Ortofon DS661

  • cutting amplifiers Ortofon GO741

  • cutting processor Ortofon STL 732

  • cutting mastering console Neumann SP79

  • 4 x Neumann Passive Mastering Equaliser PEV

  • 2 x Neumann Passive Low and High Pass filters HT66

  • Neumann Passive Elyptical EQ

  • 2 x Neve Master Buss Comperssor Limiter Stereo Imager

  • 2 x Massive Passive Mastering EQ Tube

  • unFairchild 670 Mastering Compressor (latheral/vertical)

  • Chandler Zener Limiter (EMI 12413 Abbey Road edition)

  • 2 x Karlík 6 band Formant Spectrum Mastering EQ

  • Studer A80 ½ inch 38/76 cm/s

  • Studer A81 ¼ inch 19/38 cm/s

  • Telefunken M15A ¼ inch 19/38 cm/s

  • Neve Mastering Converter MBC

  • Merging technology Hapi PCM, DXD, DSD Converter

  • ProTools Ultimate

In the area of digital mastering, development is moving quickly forward. We follow closely all innovations and work with best software available

If you need cutting from non-standard formats, please contact us