Welcome to SONO Vinyl Mastering,

part of SONO Recording studios complex with more than 30-years tradition.

SONO Vinyl Mastering is the fifth control room in our studios and complements the complex process of making records from recording, mix and mastering to cutting and pressing your vinyl.

We cut from wide variety of analogue sources - from 1/4", 1/2 master tapes to any digital source - PCM, DXD or DSD.

Every lacquer cut requires individual mastering depending on genre and many more aspects like mechanical, electrical, playtime of the records, loudness of the record etc..

That is why we thoroughly analyse every master and choose different approach for each record which leads to great sounding vinyl record.

Prior cutting the lacquer, record must have been mixed and mastered. You can contact us for these services on www.sonorecords.cz

You will find detailed Information about cutting, prices, our equipment etc. in other sections of this website